Monday, November 28, 2005

Been A Long Time


Feels good to be able to finally post on my blog again - moving to a new city etc does play havoc on ones usual routine.

That being said, we are now well and truly at a crossroads in History. We as in all Sri Lankans. The people (those who were allowed to that is) voted, and their voice was heard. What most may not realize is that instead of grabbing the tiger by the balls as our 'veeraya' (Hero) claimed he would do, he finds his own balls held right royally by a pair of LTTE pliers.

a) If he reneges on his deal with the Jay Vee Pee (which he has begun to do) he will lose their support in parliament and will therefore fail to put through any legislation/reforms.

b) If he delivers on his deal, i.e. Revising the ceasefire unilaterally (at this point I would like to mention that Mahinda Rajapakse was quoted as saying he 'vows to uphold the current ceasefire' and has also 'invited' the LTTE into talks) and abolishes a federal system, war will break out.

Now that chap in the Northern Jungles, Monkey of The Wanni Prabhakaran has, to his credit, some brains as well. Instead of declaring all out war YET, he sees an opportunity to further strengthen his position by generously according a one year deadline. Now, those who may be blind to the fact that be enlightened - the LTTE can hit Colombo anytime they want with impunity. They too would like more time to build up their forces.

Mahinda R. is in a rather unique position right now. The peoples choice can either choose to follow the path Ranil W. set in motion - i.e. engage LTTE in talks that they cannot back out of due to international pressure. Or create a situation whereby the LTTE can justify hostilities with even the smallest of reasons. The world is filled with a lot of romantics, pacifists and idealists. The phrase one man's terrorist is another mans Freedom Fighter is music and mantra to these people. Unfortunately they are in positions to affect nations such as ours. Lets not forget the LTTE gangs who terrorize Sri Lankan expats (People of tamil ethnicity are Sri Lankan too - NEVER FORGET) for money.

Anyhow, Mahinda R may be a former actor, but the question is, can he dance? For the tune he will have to dance to is a new one that not many people have heard. I mean, CBK skated thru the last of her years doing nothing about the conflict and no one said much of anything. Mahind R. has six years... Six Bloody Years. Even a fool can do SOMETHING in six years.