Monday, August 21, 2006

Allah's Shame

And Lo, the angel Gabriel came down from heaven, to whisper in the holy prophets ear the true word of God. He said unto the chosen one that he, Mohammed ibn Abdallah was the last prophet - chosen to spread the untainted word of God which had become at that time dilute and heretic. And so, Islam was born.

We are all children of the same God. We may know Him by many names. God, Allah, Bhagwan, The Big bang (The scientific term - thank you very much). His hand in the creation of the world is apparent. Science presents the theory of evolution - I say the timing and and far reaching consequences are a beautiful example of the chances in life. The same chances we think about after an accident... what if I left 10 seconds earlier? This would not have happened.

Now, back to the main point.

I in no way hold the followers of Islam in disdain. On the contrary it is the abusers of such a beautiful culture and religion that I abhor. The so called jihadists that claim to be carrying out the word of Allah.


What would Allah say of his children now? His children are slaughtering each other in His name. Taking His name in vain. Exhorting to Him just before pulling the cord that triggers the suicide bomb. Taking their own lives when it is presented in every faith that suicide is a one way ticket, not to heaven and 72 virgins, but to eternal damnation.

If suicide is so 'laudable' why is it that we deplore the act, disown the people and deny the fact that these are the people who took their lives, not to hurt others, not in His name, but as an exit out of an existence they think is worthless? Aren't these the souls we should pity and condemn the so called 'jihadists' who kill without remorse?

How can a mother encourage her child to go and blow himself up in a crowded market/bus/ police station? Damn, the Tigers have to go out and abduct/brainwash to get suicide bombers. In the Middle East, I guess they just take out a classified. I bet they even have 'auditions'.

Its all about education. The Maddrassas preach a vile version of the Koran exhorting the annihilation of the infidel, i.e. everyoone who is not Muslim. The believe that it was the Jesuits who said, 'get them young, and the possibilities are endless'. Funny how that has been taken up by paedophiles and terror schools alike.

The young are impressionable, they are easily convinced of what is right and wrong. The abstract ideals that guide us in life is bastardized by teachers who have no problem sending the young to war. Its always the case, young men sent to die by old farts who only promote what they want.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Rebels vs Terrorists

Rebels. That word connotates a romanticized view for a group that is actively working/fighting against established authority for change that is not forthcoming by the said authority. Rebels is the name given to people who fight for a just cause on the side of Justice and Light and all that hash. They are respected by many, admired by more and supported by the masses because they are believed to represent what is right while fighting that which is wrong.

. Defined as "characteristic of someone who employs terrorism (especially as a political weapon); 'terrorist activity'; 'terrorist state' n : a radical who employs terror as a political weapon; usually organizes with other terrorists in small cells; often uses religion as a cover for terrorist activities". A word to describe cowards who only know how to use violence as the means towards a questionable end. A group or individual to whom everybody and everything is a target.

The distinction must be made because, as always, the western media is very clever at how things are portrayed. For example, the people fighting in Iraq against the coalition forces can be classified as rebels - but they are referred to as insurgents and/or terrorists. The Maoists 'Rebels' in Nepal were also nothing more than a terrorist organization - that has brains. CNN, BBC and almost every other network refers to the Tamil Tiger Rebels. Especially when their respective governments has classified the Tigers as a terrorist organization, they continue to refer to them using terms that they do not deserve.

Another point. Different. I apologize for the compeltely different tangent.
Child Soldiers. Each and everytime the Army engages the Terrorists and a child soldier gets killed, I believe one of two things happen.

1.) If tigers have the time, they will strip the body of any weaponry and claim GOSL forces killed a civillian.
2.) If there is no time they stay mum.

The question is, why the powers that be in the places that make the biggest noise (UNHCR, UNICEF) can't see that? I mean, if a soldier found himself sighting his gun on someone shooting at him and sees its a child, what is s/he to do? Not shoot and get killed? It takes a lot to level a gun at a person and shoot. Imagine the resolve it would require to shoot a child who is shooting you. How many soldiers may have died because they couldn't bring themselves to shoot a child soldier of the LTTE? I don't think they can be classified as gutless, on the contrary, I think they are the real heroes - they died rather than do something which they might not have been able to live without.

Israel blew apart a bona fide shelter that held ONLY women and children. There was outrage. Condemnation. Demands for investigations, then the furore died down. UNHCR/UNICEF did not go to check things out because their Security was not guaranteed. In Sri Lanka, they DEMAND security and go where they will. In this case, they went to the 'Orphanage' that was bombed. The figures reported by the tigers were obviously inflated and was reported more accurately by these inspectors. However, their claim as to the location actually being an orphanage is at the very least iffy.

The time between the bombing and the inspection was long - a couple of days. The LTTE had more than enough time to 'clean up' the place and present the facade of orphanage. It is in their best interests to do so because UNICEF/UNHCR has constantly attacked them regarding child abduction (recruitment implies voluntary choice which these kids never have) and if they were proven to be right, tigers would take another PR hit on top of everything else. However, if the GOSL did make a mistake and it was a real orphanage, I think the best approach is for them to admit the mistake and make whatever reparations they can.

Tigers are on the run. They have nowhere to go. They constantly threaten if attacks contnue they will declare the ceasefire null and void. But in the face of everything going on right now, they are not doing that because the minute they do they become the aggressor. They botched Maavilaru - at first they didn't block it but the people did because the GOSL did not deliver on promises (in tiger territory). Then they opened it after sustained firefights with the military. What does that mean? That they don't give a shit about the grievances of the people they 'represent'? IF the people had blocked it, the LTTE should not have given it up at all, neither should they have claimed to have opened the anicut. Now the LTTE lies and deception is being revealed to everybody. Wonder how the people in and around Maavilaru feel about being used as scapegoats.

Another interesting thing is what happened to Daya Master. Wonder if the dude is still alive after accepting treatment at the heart of enemy territory. The new dude is constantly shooting himself in the foot with his declarations as well. Now, Daya Master was allowed to make a formal request to the GOSL for medical treatment. How many regular people in rebel territory are allowed to travel outside at all?

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Over There

"Over There" is a relatively new show that is aired on FX in the US. I am not sure about the showtimes and if they are going to continue for a second season.

(Picture courtesy of

Given the current situation in Sri Lanka and everywhere around th world, I think the theme song of the show holds special meaning to everybody who has somebody in the armed forces.

This post contains the words to the song 'Over There' performed and written by Chris Gerolmo, not as an attempt to plagiarize but as an attempt to get out there another song for the brave - who will forever be on the side of Righteous Justice.

So, here is to everybody who has made and continues to be willing to make the sacrifice. May the blessings of the triple gem, the holy trinity, bhagwan and Allah be upon you all.

Over There - Chris Gerolmo

the days coming,
the drums are drumming
if u know one say a prayer

theres mothers crying, fathers sighing,

war is in the air...

trains are filling up with boys
left behind their favorite toys
their going over there
over there

where someone has to die,

over there...
over there

where ours is not to reason why,

over there...
over there

where someone has to die

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Rupee Wise, Dollar Foolish

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NGO's. The bane of existence for a developing nation. Why? Well, let us go and see.

1. NGO's function thanks to the generosity of various donors, of whom a majority are foreign nations. They launch 'programs' that apparently cost a lot of money but in reality are a sham with inflated costs. For example, the recent protest against the Mavilaaru tussle probably cost somewhere around Rs. 5000. Max. I mean looking at the pictures - the signs were cheap; pieces of bristol board nailed onto a piece of wood smaller than a two by four. Including refreshments for the participants it shud not have cost more than that. The participants themselves of course should not have to be paid right? They must surely be volunteers not associated with the NGO, right?

2. They distract everybody when it is essential for focus to be maintained and unity is necessary. They muddy the waters and play a role in leveling blame. For some reason, the blame game no matter how messed up it is carries some weight when the NGO's get involved. I know not why.

3. They exacerbate situations in order to ensure their stream of income. They list horrors and violence that may or may not have happened, some they just simply make up. This in turn screws it up royally for the country - the people they bitch to, tell their respective governments which in turns puts out tavel advisories that negatively impact the tourist trade - an essential cog in our economy. Sri Lanka is seen as a hellhole because these are the 'people on the ground' that foreign countries attest to when issuing advisories.

4. They pretend to know what's going on - ignorance is not only their nature, it seems to be a prerequisite to become a member. Its a problem for them to admit when a mistake has been made or to admit it when they dont know something.

5. They propose an immediate ceasefire. Fine. Then what? A few months later its only gonna break out again. The rationale the Israeli Defense Forces are using comes into play. Now while I don't condone the way Israel is conducting its campaign, the rationale that if we are to stop now, it will only be a tougher fight later is true. To quote Mr. Bond, '[we may] live to die another day' but if we take the fight to the end, there will be closure of a sort. Some will like it, some won't.

Look, lets face it. Sri Lanka is in the soup and we are the only people who want to get out of it. Everybody else who gets involved has some sort of agenda - Karunanidhi in Tamil Nadu insists on using his influence in the coalition central government to make sure GOSL doesn't get any support because the LTTE was initially funded by him. Like all political parties anywhere in the world, they just want to retain power at any cost. Norway wants Oil or another Government it helped into power (LTTE) as a future lifelong client for its weapons industry (thanks for the tip Sam). United States doesn't give a shit coz there is no direct threat to them and they have no vested interest in anything SL produces - not even Victorias Secret. Britain doesn't give a shit coz , they don't. Japan is the only country that gives a shit because they feel indebted. Thats kinda wearing thin right now and nobody in this world can blame them.

We need to get it done, the best way we can.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Eye of the Tiger

For the longest time, people have been confused by the Norwegian presence in the country. WHY are they doing it? Well, one of the first 'theories' to come up was that Eric Solheim was making a bid for the Nobel Peace Prize. Another was that it was the out of the goodness of their heart... (gag). Fine. The other one that did come up was not pushed around as much or as loudly. Before I explain the 'theory' (call it a conspiracy theory if you want to) lets build up to the moment shall we?

Way back in the day, Europeans were convinced that Sri Lanka had deposits of Oil. Black Gold. So convinced were they that drilling began in earnest along the north western coast. I believe it was primarily concentrated around Mannar. They dug and dug but found nothing. To alleviate the embarrasment, someone really dipped a few barrels of oil down the well in order to make a fast buck. I don't know how THAT turned out but Oil in Sri Lanka was abandoned.

Recently a Norwegian Oil Exploration company was awarded a contract to conducta study off the NorthEASTERN seaboard of Sri Lanka. Their findings indicate significant deposits of Oil and Natural Gas. The GOSL I believe is still trying to figure out how to tap that effectively.
Now, the Norwegians think like all European Colonists used to think. We gave them So much, they are indebted to us. They think that if they intervened in the conflict and managed to broker a deal where the Tigers get Eelam, they will be the first in line to start drilling. The other interesting indicator that supports this theory is the composition of the SLMM. All the members are citizens of countries that will benefit immensely from their neighbor having easy access to something that will be worth more than its weight in Gold in a few years.

The eye of the Whtie Tiger seems to be focused on Oil.

Now, all other foreign nations have told Norway to get lost, for them to keep their hands clean because this is simply a bid by a nation not known for much to be a 'world player'. They are trying to do to South Asia what the US, Britain is trying to do to the Middle East, leave an imprint that follows their own principles.

Now, the white tigers are unhappy that the GOSL is using its brains when it comes to Propaganda, Military Action, Diplomacy. What irks them the most is the fact that these actions are taken without consulting them so that now they canot warn the tigers of new policies before the public is even aware.

Sittingnut was absolutely correct in stating that Ulf Henricsson had no right to be at Maavilaru. His actions indicate that the LTTE has been recognized as a legitimate Governor of people and that the GOSL is simply an adminstrative formality. He broke protocol set forth in the CFA by going to a conflict area without the knowledge of one party and HE is in violation of the CFA.
Everybody thinks that the Govt is to blame for everything and the rebels should be given a little leeway since they are not a govt. These same idiots cannot see that simply becausethe LTTE are NOT a govt, they cannot be treated as a recognized representative. LTTE is not the result of a popular uprising - it is the result of a cult of personality. Where no opposition is brooked nor any compassion tolerated. These are the very people that citizens of a country need to be protected from - not consigned to at any cost.

Right now, the only 'international player' that is paying any attention to the LTTE is Norway. I guess they both make each other feel important. The discrimination that most members of the tamil diaspora is screaming about is correct - because it happened a long time ago. They don't know what is happening on the ground there and they believe what TamilNet says. They swallow propaganda and think that nothing has changed. The poor folk in the North/NorthEast who don't have access to news etc believe what they are told. GOSL Bad. Tigers Good. Most doubt it, but cannot speak their minds for fear of being found in a gunny sack. Inanimate and dismembered.

Not a single Tamil person I know in Colombo complains about discrimination. They collectively refer to the Tigers as 'motherf*ckers' that CAUSE problems for them. They are quite happy, thank you very much Mr.P, they and nobody else in the world would like someone like you telling them what to do. There are only a few people who know both sides of the story.

Anyway, in closing I would like to point out another couple that enjoyed playing with White Tigers. Siegfried and Roy (LOL). Right now I think their nursing injuries sustained in 'horseplay' with the animals. A warning, a threat to whoever considers them to be the master of the other when it comes to dealing with 'Tiger' animals.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Fostering of Religious Tensions by the Media

I guess this not news at all, but considering the new age and the easy dissemiantion of information, I believe that all purveyors of news should voluntarily shoulder the responsibility of unbiased, non-inflammatory comments, much less headlines.

" 'Muslims Flee' Sri Lanka Fighting"

This is a story on the South Asia page of BBC. I feel that the headline itself implies many things about Sri Lanka that are completely inaccurate. I mean, c'mon, why do they have to label them using the religion handle? Are they Muslims first, Sri Lankans second? I know there are many people out there who think they are Religious first, patriotic second. But for an international news voice like the BBC should be above such 'petty' classifications.

Its bad enough that the war in SL has been drawn along ethnic lines, should it be encouraged that it should be along religious lines as well? Ugh.

Work pace has picked up and the damned temperature is hitting 100+ degrees... Fahrenheit thank you very much.