Monday, September 18, 2006

EMERGENCY - Please Read

Apparently the pussies have launched a website that is complete and utterly false propoganda aimed at discrediting the Sri Lankan Army. I went to the place and saw a server 404 Error. Looked a little fake so looked at the code. Sure enough, the server not found IS PART OF THE CODING ON THE PAGE. i.e. it has been hardcoded to show it. Furthermore, I managed to get a screen image of the actual site before the fake page shows up.

Below is the part of the html source that shows where it has been coded to show 404 File Not Found.

Even if I am reading the code wrong... the above image speaks for itself.

P.s; I had to take a picture of the code coz blogger kept reading it and made it look like this page couldn't be found. Everything in between the "BY ME"s are pussy coding. lol.


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At 5:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Komiya,

Why did you stop writing?

Seems like you kept on writing some very insightful sh*t once in a while, although unfortunately only a handful of our brothers can comprehend their true worth.

Now more than ever, we need people like you to develop the vision for Sri Lanka.

Ain't that so?

Get back to work, soldier.

At 9:58 PM, Anonymous Aristotle Socrates said...


This is Aristotle Socrates, son of N. Socrates,
whom you, like the federal government, accused
of being a terrorist. If you forgot, you also, in 2006, suggested hanging my father from the closest tree.

Just to let you know, the government dropped
the charges of terrorism against my father. Do you still want to hang him from the closest tree?

Let me suggest the following: the next time you invoke the imagery of a gang of Ku Klux Klansmen (who are terrorists, by the way) grotesquely murdering a black man for your own sick version of electronic "entertainment," think about what you are saying.

It is clear that you are a fool and a pervert. Please
keep this slightly veiled form of masturbation, that you call a "blog," out of the public eye. Just pass along your feeble thoughts to your close friends, when you need relief. Your behavior is pathetic as it is equally stupid and vulgar.

Aristotle Socrates

At 3:55 PM, Blogger Komisiripala said...

Wow, some serious feedback.


Thanks for the vote of confidence. Work got hectic and I had to lay off writing for a while

Mr. Socrates,
the ku klux klan hanged innocents based on the pigmentation of their skin. your father is not an innocent. if nothing else, he is a known associate of terrorists. terrorists who were/are members of a banned organization that just got their ass handed to them.

as i recall, this is a blog. no one forced you to read it. so if you get off reading this stuff in some kind of masochistic frenzy, that's not my problem. i have the right to air my views just like you and your father.

i will invoke what i wish on who i wish, as that is my fundamental right as a citizen of a democracy. I have always refrained from any kind of vulgarity, which you choose to introduce with your imaginings of my masturbation. unfortunately for you, i don't disseminate the details of my proclivities for anyone's consumption.

if you don't like it, don't read it. simple as that. what i write now is not out of anger. not at all. simply amusement that such a juvenile and emotional outburst was generated by what i wrote. as the saying goes, it's the truth that hurts the most. and it looks like i hit a nerve when i wrote what i did. my conscience is clear with what i wrote, is your conscience and your father's clear for associating terrorists?


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