Sunday, September 17, 2006


American Foreign Policy:

Demand what they want and get it through diplomatic blackmail. Air bases, staging areas for troops, interrogation facilities for CIA etc etc. The 'War on Terror' policy demands all countries of the world to toe the American line when it comes to dealing with terrorists.


Troubled by internal dissent over Musharaff's involvement with America on the War on Terror. The man is trying to please everybody and doing a so far decent act of balancing on the tightrope. If he falls, he's dead. Period. So, when given the opportunity, Pakistan shows its willingness to help out countries fighting terrorism.


Being a regional powerhouse, economically and militarily, they have an unnecessary amount of say in the dealings of their neighboring countries. The thinly veiled animosity they feel towards Pakistan is highlighted when they 'almost' lodged a complaint (god knows with whom) when the Pakistani ambassador to Sri Lanka (who was previously some intelligence agent) was appointed. Now, India still has it's own internal problms due to the varying parties that consist of the ruling coalition. But, India still has to toe the global line when it comes to War on Terror. These days those who don't become a pariah faster than you can say 'huh'.

How it all plays out.

GOSL tried to purchase arms from India which India refused due to pressure from South Indian (mainly Tamil Nadu) political parties. But, although they themselves could refuse a sale, they cannot stop a sale from another country to GOSL. Enter Pakistan, who willingly supplied the armaments GOSL required. India couldn't utter a word for fear of being painted as a supporter of a recognized terrrorist group, i.e. LTTE.

Pakistan comes out looking nice and rosy, India has yet another reason to dislike Pakistan, GOSL gets the weapons it wants (I don't know if they need it, but they definitely wanted it) and LTTE gets a beating.

All hail the war on terror...


At 10:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice working on the logic, and yet... it's improbable that anything is gonna work out for sl!


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