Friday, July 28, 2006

An Interesting Proposition

(Picture Courtesy of BBC)
Just before Israel launched their ground offensive (not the big one that was shelved, the ‘little’ one going on right now) the IDF Warplanes dropped thousands of flyers into areas asking civilians to leave. They did this for a few days before and during their campaign. The Israeli stance was, “We have given ample time for civilians to evacuate, and now when we advance anyone who remains can and will be considered a sympathizer/member of Hezbollah and will be targeted”. Not a single world power raised a voice against this.

The UN and Red Cross keep requesting clear routes to deliver aid and supplies and the IDF tells them to literally keep their pants on, you’ll get it when we want to give it. So, they wait. US ‘airlifts’ munitions to Israel and only one such flight has been flagged. No one says a thing.

C’mon Buffalo get your shit together here. Drop some flyers on the territories and clear the entire region of anyone standing. Raze the North/Northeast to the ground. It seems to be the ‘in’ war plan at the time. Endorsed by the US, apparently ratified by the UN. What more can you ask for? Shoot every damn fool standing after dropping the flyers/announcing over loudspeakers. No more once a month air raids, once in a while Long Range incursions or embarrassing hostage situations.
Give a call to Mr. Bush and say, “Machung, charr scene machang. I need a few ‘duppi’ to drop on the kotiyas. You know I’m good for it no? Machang they are terrorists, al qaeda is terrorists and we are fighting the same war no? Ehenang fit thamai, I will tell the airport FedEx is coming with the ‘duppi’.”


At 7:30 PM, Blogger sittingnut said...

double standards !
but we need to be pragmatic. we will get more by a low intencity conflict than by a full scale war. by a full scale war we will only get a stalemate. better to let ltte rot in a low intercity conflict. they have already started to rot imo. they know that, that is why they want to provoke a war, that can be blamed on government.


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