Friday, July 21, 2006

Crises upon Crises

(Picture Courtesy of BBC)

Anyone who read about the Bush/Blair conversation that was caught on tape (BBC Article) can see the utter frustration caused on people who are by any standards Bone Headed when it comes to foreign policy.

However, it is interesting to note that Bush and Blair seem to be talking about about a 'Him' who thinks a certain way and that 'this is all part of the same thing'. Interesting. The language that was captured indicate a sense of superiority that the 'him' posses and that these two leaders are answerable to 'him'. And no, I don't think its God either.

Funnily enough, World War I was started 'apparently' because of the assasination of Francis Ferdinandes (I think that was the last name) somewhere in Europe. He was a nobody that no one cared much for but whose death was manipulated for German superiority in Europe. The second one was one lunatics idea of a new order, the Third reich. Neo Nazis - Kiss my Ass.

Now, in what seems to be a repetition of history, the abduction of two soldiers (whose deaths would have mattered only to their families) is being used as an excuse for a possible ground incursion by Israel into Lebanon. Lebanon has already stated that if there is an invasion the Lebanses army will fight Israel (a laudable fact remains that Lebanon still hasn't taken any direct action agianst Israel) This in turn might trigger Syria and Iran to 'assist' Lebanon which will mean alliances being formed to support Israel and Lo and Behold, the middle east might erupt in WW III.

Any historian can attest that wars are begun by men in desperation or when countries want to steal land. War is robbery writ large. The offensive campaign is one that is designed to expand borders and spread their own rule. The current situation CAN lead up to a conflict that will forever define the middle east, along ethnic/religious/political lines.

Anybody who studies warfare can tell you that when you are attacking a superior enemy, the best thing you can hope for is to distract him/her and to weaken them if possible BEFORE launching your campaign.

The US being the biggest dog on the block right now has its hands full and is militarily kind of stretched. So stretched infact that only a small detachment was sent to Lebanon for evacuation. Iraq, Afghanistan are commitments that they cannot drop immediately, North Korea is making noise about Nukes, Iran is making noise about Nukes. Pretty much the US is stretched out I guess on intelligence as well as military might.

The enemy of the antagonists is now effectively distracted - its attention split between multiple, geographically spread out theaters in which it has a vested interest. At the same time it has to look within itself as well to make sure no attacks take place on its own soil anymore. WWIII? Distinct possibility.

Random thoughts borne out of bits and pieces of news seen here and there, but a mite interesting is it not?


At 6:47 PM, Blogger sittingnut said...

though i think it would be too early to speak of ww3.
it is curious how we have great incompetence at the highest places.


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