Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Vicks in the brain...

So after wrapping up SQL in a day, the guys and I went home and chilled out till it was dinner time. Surprisingly none of us was tired so we just watched TV, popped in a DVD of Aishwarya Rai's music videos (it was already in the apartment... thank you very much) and studied a little.

Mr A.M. made spaghetti and franks and we had a good dinner watching "That 70's Show". Then we got on with our various phone calls as it was past 9 (Unlimited night and weekends makes life very cheap).

At around 10:30 Mr.A.M, Mr. M.P. and I were having a chat before turning in (Mr.S.D) was already sleeping when Mr. M.P made some interesting comments about Vicks Vapor Rub and its many unpublished applications.

He went on to elaborate on how people should put some on the female nethers 'if you aren't getting some' which prompted us to ask him what the hell kind of women he was hanging out with. THEN, when Mr. A.M and I were discussing the many pranks that can be played using a toilet seat Mr. M.P interjected with the comment, "Man you should put some vicks on your as*hole". Silence. Profound silence... followed by two emphatic WTF's.

At the end of that conversation, we came to the consensus that Mr. M.P was a little f'ed in the brain and needed to be avoided due to his unusual experiments with Vicks.

Another day, another crack up. Very funny.

Oh yeah, running into the bathroom this morning when Mr.S.D. was taking a dump and hadn't locked the door was almost as funny, but not quite as much.


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