Monday, July 31, 2006

The Rabbit

No. I am not talking about the celebrity sex toy (I was told about that - I had no clue). All who read this wonder, what the hell is going on? This is neither a critique on a new tech toy, nor an economic/political analysis of current events, or even an update on the current conflict. Nay, this my friends is a person. A fascinating individual who has managed to capture my undivided (well, not quite) attention.

An easy laugh, a zest for life. A sense of humor unparalleled in many quarters. A sense of adventure one seldom finds these days and a streak of independence that is to be admired in anybody.

Smug, smart and searching for centre, at times confused, disoriented. All put together, rather a fascinating individual. The more you converse, the more you realize its something you want to keep on going. For however long it will go on till.

Blatantly outspoken, at times outright obscene, but most times unbelievably hilarious. Sometimes soberingly candid. Seems never to get into anything without thinking, but blows off fear about the unknown with casual bravado.

Never insecure, always sure of what is going on - a refreshing experience all around.

All in all, a fun person to be with I refer to as 'Rabbit'. She is infuriated by it as evidenced by each an every infuriated, withering remark directed at me with every utterance of the word. She prefers to be called, Her Highness - The Queen of all Evil. Xelene - the Death Dealer. Fancies herself to be a fan of Kate Beckinsale, but i beg to point out that she herself (Rabbit, not Kate) is much better than Kate - on screen or off.

She is defensive - to the point of trying to be rude and offensive. I believe that all that is a defense to prevent past hurts from occuring again. She may realize in time that life is about getting burned, and that it happens to everybody. Its how we let that affect us that will either make us or break us.

I don't need to use a name nor a picture for the reader who knows who the Rabbit is know what I'm about.


At 12:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

WHO might this wonderful person be?? I would REALLY like to get to know this person. Sounds terrific and awesome. I think she should rule over the entire world!


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