Monday, August 21, 2006

Allah's Shame

And Lo, the angel Gabriel came down from heaven, to whisper in the holy prophets ear the true word of God. He said unto the chosen one that he, Mohammed ibn Abdallah was the last prophet - chosen to spread the untainted word of God which had become at that time dilute and heretic. And so, Islam was born.

We are all children of the same God. We may know Him by many names. God, Allah, Bhagwan, The Big bang (The scientific term - thank you very much). His hand in the creation of the world is apparent. Science presents the theory of evolution - I say the timing and and far reaching consequences are a beautiful example of the chances in life. The same chances we think about after an accident... what if I left 10 seconds earlier? This would not have happened.

Now, back to the main point.

I in no way hold the followers of Islam in disdain. On the contrary it is the abusers of such a beautiful culture and religion that I abhor. The so called jihadists that claim to be carrying out the word of Allah.


What would Allah say of his children now? His children are slaughtering each other in His name. Taking His name in vain. Exhorting to Him just before pulling the cord that triggers the suicide bomb. Taking their own lives when it is presented in every faith that suicide is a one way ticket, not to heaven and 72 virgins, but to eternal damnation.

If suicide is so 'laudable' why is it that we deplore the act, disown the people and deny the fact that these are the people who took their lives, not to hurt others, not in His name, but as an exit out of an existence they think is worthless? Aren't these the souls we should pity and condemn the so called 'jihadists' who kill without remorse?

How can a mother encourage her child to go and blow himself up in a crowded market/bus/ police station? Damn, the Tigers have to go out and abduct/brainwash to get suicide bombers. In the Middle East, I guess they just take out a classified. I bet they even have 'auditions'.

Its all about education. The Maddrassas preach a vile version of the Koran exhorting the annihilation of the infidel, i.e. everyoone who is not Muslim. The believe that it was the Jesuits who said, 'get them young, and the possibilities are endless'. Funny how that has been taken up by paedophiles and terror schools alike.

The young are impressionable, they are easily convinced of what is right and wrong. The abstract ideals that guide us in life is bastardized by teachers who have no problem sending the young to war. Its always the case, young men sent to die by old farts who only promote what they want.


At 12:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Something very similar.

At 3:31 PM, Blogger Sam said...

// Its all about education// Agree.

It is not Allah’s fault. It is people’s fault who doesn’t know how to practice the religion.

A story I heard some where..

A man form a village came to the city and heard the creaking irritating noise and looking for it found a man playing a violin. He thought that must be the most irritating instrument in the world.
Thinking about and waking across the city, he heard unbelievably pleasant music. A peaceful sound he has never heard before. Looking for it ~ he found a maestro playing a violin. Then he realizes it is not the violin ~ it is the player.
Religion is the same.

Most of the Muslims are very peaceful than most of others. When was the last time a Muslim visit to your house and try to convert you to Islam? Never.

At 6:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well written and well put - as always!

- guess who!



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