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Eye of the Tiger

For the longest time, people have been confused by the Norwegian presence in the country. WHY are they doing it? Well, one of the first 'theories' to come up was that Eric Solheim was making a bid for the Nobel Peace Prize. Another was that it was the out of the goodness of their heart... (gag). Fine. The other one that did come up was not pushed around as much or as loudly. Before I explain the 'theory' (call it a conspiracy theory if you want to) lets build up to the moment shall we?

Way back in the day, Europeans were convinced that Sri Lanka had deposits of Oil. Black Gold. So convinced were they that drilling began in earnest along the north western coast. I believe it was primarily concentrated around Mannar. They dug and dug but found nothing. To alleviate the embarrasment, someone really dipped a few barrels of oil down the well in order to make a fast buck. I don't know how THAT turned out but Oil in Sri Lanka was abandoned.

Recently a Norwegian Oil Exploration company was awarded a contract to conducta study off the NorthEASTERN seaboard of Sri Lanka. Their findings indicate significant deposits of Oil and Natural Gas. The GOSL I believe is still trying to figure out how to tap that effectively.
Now, the Norwegians think like all European Colonists used to think. We gave them So much, they are indebted to us. They think that if they intervened in the conflict and managed to broker a deal where the Tigers get Eelam, they will be the first in line to start drilling. The other interesting indicator that supports this theory is the composition of the SLMM. All the members are citizens of countries that will benefit immensely from their neighbor having easy access to something that will be worth more than its weight in Gold in a few years.

The eye of the Whtie Tiger seems to be focused on Oil.

Now, all other foreign nations have told Norway to get lost, for them to keep their hands clean because this is simply a bid by a nation not known for much to be a 'world player'. They are trying to do to South Asia what the US, Britain is trying to do to the Middle East, leave an imprint that follows their own principles.

Now, the white tigers are unhappy that the GOSL is using its brains when it comes to Propaganda, Military Action, Diplomacy. What irks them the most is the fact that these actions are taken without consulting them so that now they canot warn the tigers of new policies before the public is even aware.

Sittingnut was absolutely correct in stating that Ulf Henricsson had no right to be at Maavilaru. His actions indicate that the LTTE has been recognized as a legitimate Governor of people and that the GOSL is simply an adminstrative formality. He broke protocol set forth in the CFA by going to a conflict area without the knowledge of one party and HE is in violation of the CFA.
Everybody thinks that the Govt is to blame for everything and the rebels should be given a little leeway since they are not a govt. These same idiots cannot see that simply becausethe LTTE are NOT a govt, they cannot be treated as a recognized representative. LTTE is not the result of a popular uprising - it is the result of a cult of personality. Where no opposition is brooked nor any compassion tolerated. These are the very people that citizens of a country need to be protected from - not consigned to at any cost.

Right now, the only 'international player' that is paying any attention to the LTTE is Norway. I guess they both make each other feel important. The discrimination that most members of the tamil diaspora is screaming about is correct - because it happened a long time ago. They don't know what is happening on the ground there and they believe what TamilNet says. They swallow propaganda and think that nothing has changed. The poor folk in the North/NorthEast who don't have access to news etc believe what they are told. GOSL Bad. Tigers Good. Most doubt it, but cannot speak their minds for fear of being found in a gunny sack. Inanimate and dismembered.

Not a single Tamil person I know in Colombo complains about discrimination. They collectively refer to the Tigers as 'motherf*ckers' that CAUSE problems for them. They are quite happy, thank you very much Mr.P, they and nobody else in the world would like someone like you telling them what to do. There are only a few people who know both sides of the story.

Anyway, in closing I would like to point out another couple that enjoyed playing with White Tigers. Siegfried and Roy (LOL). Right now I think their nursing injuries sustained in 'horseplay' with the animals. A warning, a threat to whoever considers them to be the master of the other when it comes to dealing with 'Tiger' animals.


At 5:05 PM, Blogger sittingnut said...

nice pic!

i also think oil had something ( though not perhaps everything) to do with it. with north sea fields expected to run out . they want to keep their companies running and employees working.
anyway if so they better be impartial here. keeping pussies for pets and annoying the voting public is not the way to go about it .

they were certainly not impartial in their actions after their so called deal with tigers about mavil aru ( coming to an agreement contrary to government's stated position, acting on it before getting governments opinion, and then blaming government when it failed).

all this flow from their mistaken belief in legitimacy of ltte as you say. what they should realize is that gosl talk with tigers only bc it is the pragmatic thing to do ( sl cannot be sure of winning militarily given that resources are limited )at the moment, not bc it accepts ltte claims to represent tamils at face value. that does not mean sl is going to be walked over whenever tigers feel like it .

At 6:33 PM, Blogger Sam said...

I think it is more to do with White Superiority than Oil. Norway act like it's their Christian duty to guide non believers – they act the same way in other countries too. Even Nobel “Peace” Price is part of that too. It was given to Nelson Mandela and white president Frederik Willem (What Frederik did?). It was given to Henry Kissinger, Rigoberta Menchu and Yasser Arafat! I don’t surprise even Prba got it. Gandhiji never surrenders to White Superiority. He never got the Nobel “Peace” Price!!! Can any one with a rational mind come with an explanation for that?

If Norwegians wants, it is easy and secure for them to get oil form GOSL – they can buy our politicians for cheaper price than Tamil Tigers. Believe me..

By the way.. Remember noway is the world 6th largest weapon exporter in 2003.

At 7:56 PM, Blogger Komisiripala said...

Sam - I don't think that nowadays the most christian of nations think that the heathen enlightenment will push their own nations forward. All over the world right now wars are being fought, innocents getting killed simply for oil. In the US there is war - consumer vs big corp. Everyday for some weird reason or the other the price of gas keeps jacking up. Norway is after the only currency that will have value in 15 years. The war in Sri Lanka is possibly because of oil. No more does the tiger's ethos of ethnicity hold any value. They are exposed to be the mercenary animals they are.

Sittingnut - I thin it might be relevant to maybe expel the members of the SLMM who violate the CFA or fails to recognise the authority of either the Govt and LTTE. The tigers can't exactly complain as they always rail when SLMM rulings don't go their way...

At 11:34 PM, Blogger Voice in Colombo said...

If my memory is correct, Norway was the "worlds most succesful nation" according to that shit reports published early this year!!!! Any guesses why? Because, Norway is one of the worlds largest funder for NGO's such as the one which published that report.

And some people says the large Tamil vote base in Norway, and their (Tamils living in Norway) influence in local Norwegian politics is also related to their support towards LTTE.

Oil? I still don't believe there's oil in Sri Lankan seas. I thought it's just an election promotion campaign by CBK government. But anyways, who knows what's in the sea, without properly exploring? :-)

At 2:02 PM, Blogger Sam said...

The whole Norway thing is a brainchild of Dr. Kumar Rupesinghe. After he quit International Alert he wanted to do something about Sri Lanka. I personally believe he make a brilliant tactic when he arrange whole peace deal together with Chandrika, Ranil, Balasingham and Japan – no matter what JVP talk about him. But he been a Sri Lankan he could not become the mediator. Someone selected Solheim because Norway jump up before Japan and also Norway is very generous when it comes to donations. I think that the big mistake. Solheim also benefited from this deal personally because he was loosing his popularity in Norway and all the sudden he start to come up in daily News in Norway after this.

I agree with Voice_in_Colombo too. There is a big Tamil influence in Scandinavia. When I say Tamil, I don’t mean Tamil people you and me know in Sri Lanka – suffer just like every one ones. I mean the type of people live in relative comfort and safety fire up the game.

I don’t want to say anything more about White Superiority, Norway and the Religion, because it can easily offend some. But just let me say I have some personal experience about religion policies in Norway. I don’t call it bad – because Sri Lanka is worst when it come to same topic.

Still there may be chance –I do not think oil is the MAIN issue in Sri Lanka.. No oil company like to work with bunch of terrorists – specially drill in politically unstable area. If SL have oil, If Norway want oil, they must and they will not support Ltte like they do right now. Also I don’t think if there is oil, LTTE willing to share that with someone else.

Let me tell you a personal experience - 3 years before this war started – even people think of we will have a war in SL – one Scandinavian company contact one of my relative’s company used to work on chemical industry and offer a weapon deal – they guarantee there will be huge demand for weapons in SL from 5 years from then. They refused that deal on religious ground but also they didn’t believe that predication too. But turn out Scandinavians had capacity to predict what is going on here years ahead.

I’m just trying to bring deferent perspectives to this topic. That is all.

At 7:52 PM, Blogger sittingnut said...

i think cbk got a former head of slmm out .


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