Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Fostering of Religious Tensions by the Media

I guess this not news at all, but considering the new age and the easy dissemiantion of information, I believe that all purveyors of news should voluntarily shoulder the responsibility of unbiased, non-inflammatory comments, much less headlines.

" 'Muslims Flee' Sri Lanka Fighting"

This is a story on the South Asia page of BBC. I feel that the headline itself implies many things about Sri Lanka that are completely inaccurate. I mean, c'mon, why do they have to label them using the religion handle? Are they Muslims first, Sri Lankans second? I know there are many people out there who think they are Religious first, patriotic second. But for an international news voice like the BBC should be above such 'petty' classifications.

Its bad enough that the war in SL has been drawn along ethnic lines, should it be encouraged that it should be along religious lines as well? Ugh.

Work pace has picked up and the damned temperature is hitting 100+ degrees... Fahrenheit thank you very much.



At 8:02 PM, Blogger sittingnut said...

one more instance ?
bbc is degenerating before our eyes .

it's a good thing that media has less real influence than most ppl think.

btw i think you are back in kottu


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