Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Rebels vs Terrorists

Rebels. That word connotates a romanticized view for a group that is actively working/fighting against established authority for change that is not forthcoming by the said authority. Rebels is the name given to people who fight for a just cause on the side of Justice and Light and all that hash. They are respected by many, admired by more and supported by the masses because they are believed to represent what is right while fighting that which is wrong.

. Defined as "characteristic of someone who employs terrorism (especially as a political weapon); 'terrorist activity'; 'terrorist state' n : a radical who employs terror as a political weapon; usually organizes with other terrorists in small cells; often uses religion as a cover for terrorist activities". A word to describe cowards who only know how to use violence as the means towards a questionable end. A group or individual to whom everybody and everything is a target.

The distinction must be made because, as always, the western media is very clever at how things are portrayed. For example, the people fighting in Iraq against the coalition forces can be classified as rebels - but they are referred to as insurgents and/or terrorists. The Maoists 'Rebels' in Nepal were also nothing more than a terrorist organization - that has brains. CNN, BBC and almost every other network refers to the Tamil Tiger Rebels. Especially when their respective governments has classified the Tigers as a terrorist organization, they continue to refer to them using terms that they do not deserve.

Another point. Different. I apologize for the compeltely different tangent.
Child Soldiers. Each and everytime the Army engages the Terrorists and a child soldier gets killed, I believe one of two things happen.

1.) If tigers have the time, they will strip the body of any weaponry and claim GOSL forces killed a civillian.
2.) If there is no time they stay mum.

The question is, why the powers that be in the places that make the biggest noise (UNHCR, UNICEF) can't see that? I mean, if a soldier found himself sighting his gun on someone shooting at him and sees its a child, what is s/he to do? Not shoot and get killed? It takes a lot to level a gun at a person and shoot. Imagine the resolve it would require to shoot a child who is shooting you. How many soldiers may have died because they couldn't bring themselves to shoot a child soldier of the LTTE? I don't think they can be classified as gutless, on the contrary, I think they are the real heroes - they died rather than do something which they might not have been able to live without.

Israel blew apart a bona fide shelter that held ONLY women and children. There was outrage. Condemnation. Demands for investigations, then the furore died down. UNHCR/UNICEF did not go to check things out because their Security was not guaranteed. In Sri Lanka, they DEMAND security and go where they will. In this case, they went to the 'Orphanage' that was bombed. The figures reported by the tigers were obviously inflated and was reported more accurately by these inspectors. However, their claim as to the location actually being an orphanage is at the very least iffy.

The time between the bombing and the inspection was long - a couple of days. The LTTE had more than enough time to 'clean up' the place and present the facade of orphanage. It is in their best interests to do so because UNICEF/UNHCR has constantly attacked them regarding child abduction (recruitment implies voluntary choice which these kids never have) and if they were proven to be right, tigers would take another PR hit on top of everything else. However, if the GOSL did make a mistake and it was a real orphanage, I think the best approach is for them to admit the mistake and make whatever reparations they can.

Tigers are on the run. They have nowhere to go. They constantly threaten if attacks contnue they will declare the ceasefire null and void. But in the face of everything going on right now, they are not doing that because the minute they do they become the aggressor. They botched Maavilaru - at first they didn't block it but the people did because the GOSL did not deliver on promises (in tiger territory). Then they opened it after sustained firefights with the military. What does that mean? That they don't give a shit about the grievances of the people they 'represent'? IF the people had blocked it, the LTTE should not have given it up at all, neither should they have claimed to have opened the anicut. Now the LTTE lies and deception is being revealed to everybody. Wonder how the people in and around Maavilaru feel about being used as scapegoats.

Another interesting thing is what happened to Daya Master. Wonder if the dude is still alive after accepting treatment at the heart of enemy territory. The new dude is constantly shooting himself in the foot with his declarations as well. Now, Daya Master was allowed to make a formal request to the GOSL for medical treatment. How many regular people in rebel territory are allowed to travel outside at all?


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You always manage to hit the truth! Great work, keep it up, and may be one day somebody will see the truth!

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i missed the earlier.
good post


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