Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Little bit of this and a little bit of that...

So. The Army is victorious. This (The Sampoor/Sampur) campaign wasa brilliantly executed military strategy. The three forces complemented each other better than anything we have ever seen (there might have been mistakes but as always thats the takeaway for a future lessons learned). AND the objective was secured by reportedly 2000 troops. The usual casualty ratio when fighting a guerilla army on their own ground is somewhere around 10:1. The LTTE reportedly had 600 cadres. Whatever the actual casualty figures are - the reported ones are so far below the expected ratio. Kudos to the Generals who had the balls to see this trhough and for once, the political leadership was (excuse the expression) N'sync with the military.

(Picture courtesy of www.sinhaya.com) - this site has some unbelievable pictures of massacres done by the LTTE)

Its interesting to note that the LTTE did not buttress their forces in Sampur/Sampoor with further troops from the Northern units or Eastern units. They are simply locking down and preparing for further military advances. This is at the very least unusual behavior on the part of the pussies. They have their credo that they will only give up territory after exacting maximum casualties regardless of the numbers they themselves sacrifice (Keep in mind that they are terrorists who have no respect for life - their own nor their victims'). So, why is it suddenly that they give up one of the most prized locations without a fight? Coz they can't. Their numbers are down - Karuna did more than desert the LTTE. When he left he told cadres to go home, that LTTE is wrong. Thats gotta count for something on the East coast as he is a 'son of the soil' that the people 'adore'.

This poses the question as to WTF is going on?

With the recent arrests of apparent do-gooders who tried to get the pussies off of the banned list for a paltry millioan dollars (unaffiliated to the pussies of course - as their own press release claims; begs to wonder are these simply hardcore fans? If not, how do they feel about being deserted?) it seems that they are hard pressed for hardware and political support.

For example;

The bunch were arrested trying to buy shoulder fired SA-18 SAM (Surface to Air Missiles) to shoot down the Kfirs and the Migs. Fine, these are relatively 'exotic' items that are not easily available. BUT there was that business of 500 AK-47 assault rifles. Quoted around the world as the 'guerillas weapon of choice' it has been readily available to anybody who had cash. But, the fact that they tried to purchase it IN USA where it is really hard to find that kind of stuff in that kind of bulk shows imo desperation.

TRO funds were frozen everywhere and finally Sri Lanka. Better late than never eh? But still, it has GOT TO be putting a crimp on the pussies. Even revolutionaries have families and need to feed them. Tiger money isn't good for crap anyway. The only places that accept that currency are the places that are forced to. The Central Bank of Sri Lanka does not honor it in any way so how would it be converted? From where? WHo will accept 1 billion tiger shits (or whatever they call it) for a loaf of bread?

Imo it seems that they losing places to turn to. TRO had Rs 78 million plus. (around $ 750,000). Its not much in the great scheme of things, but it also seems that the terrorist organization with the most effective fund raising machinery might be going broke. I mean, they offered $900,000 for 100 SA-18's and 500 Ak-47's and the training to use the missiles. They didn't use any missiles during Sampoor/Sampur even though the Air Force bombed them to hell. They tried to buttress the forces with their (snort) 'navy' but got routed by a few gunboats.

It looks like they are getting pushed. Slowly, inexorably towards one of two options. Stop fighting and start a serious dialogue OR go to all out war.

On a lighter note, the weekend was simply brilliant. Sleepless, but a lot of fun. Penn State beat Akron on Saturday in a good ol thrashing. Found a good restaurant that served the best shrimp curry I've had in the US.

Have a good one everybody.


At 11:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You and your shrimp!!! As always, brilliantly written, great articulation. Tiger shits be damned!


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