Wednesday, August 24, 2005


It was a 'usual' day at training... We learnt a little about LoadRunner and then drowned in all the handouts given out. The amount of reading involved to stay abreast is unbelievable.

When we started Back End testing, Frodo (known before as Mr.A.M.) made the observation that 'it sounds dirty', which is true enough. I mean, to a lay person, what the hell does Back End testing mean? Getting a checkup for Hemmorhoids, Foliculitis et al right? But to the really gutter-minded, Back End testing has completely different connotations that I will not get into here.

Dinner was made and eaten while watching Kaal Ho Naa Ho (Tommorow may not be). It was an apparently sad film that I found very hilarious due to the comic nature of Rohit (Saif Ali Khan) and Aman (Shah RUkh Khan). The fact that Rohits housekeeper kept walking in on them when they were in 'compromising situations' made the hilarity complete.

Just as we were given some handouts with background information on XML, UML and RUP, I asked Frodo if he knew waht RIP meant (just for the hell of it) and he says 'Rrrest in Peace?, so I asked him if he knew RUP (Rational Unified Process) and he goes, 'Rrrrest your pus*y?'.

Later, when we were teaching fonts to a testing application, we used the sample phrase 'He is reading a book'. Frodo felt it necessary to change it into, 'He is reading a book with a finger up his as*'.

And that ladies and gents was another day at work.


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