Monday, August 29, 2005

To wax or not to wax...

So, Matel (formerly known as Mr. M.P.) made one of his wonderful comments yesterday.

As the exam in the training was on the following day, me, Frodo and Matel were studying. Obviously we were really very tired and cracking jokes at the stupidest things. At a point in the discussion about the finer points of waxing the human body Matel came out with the following;

"is there a place where you can get your as*hole waxed?"

Frodo was rolling around the floor cracking up and I couldn't breathe. Once more was the observation made that it must be some really f*cked up people that come out of Oklahoma and Matel was their champion.

The weekend was spent mainly on the road as Frodo and I went to Happy Valley for a day to clear up where to leave what back there. Unfortunately for me, I was too exhausted to indulge in that towns favorite past time... drinking. It is not without reason that State College, PA is known as 'an alcoholic town with a football problem'.

On a different note, the lady from Lanka has come back and now I am happy. Very happy. We shall see what the year holds eh?


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